GSTIN Number: 19AACFN6576G    Medical Licence Number: WB/KOL/NBO/W/528296

Get to know T&C


  1. Security Deposit Money does not bear any interest. This Security Deposit Money Receipt is wholly o transferable.
  2. All goods are forwarded at the Customers risk and responsibility and the Customers are liable to the Company for the full value of any Cylinder lost or damaged.
  3. Rent is chargeable on all Cylinders from the date of supply. A rentral charge of Rs. will be charged per day on each Cylinder.
  4. The Company may at any time call back the Cylinders which are issued to Customers on Loan.
  5. Loading, unloading and delivery of Cylinders are at the risk of Customers and the Company does not bear any responsibility in all these matters.
  6. This Security Deposit Money receipt is strictly returnable to us at the time of taking refund of Security Deposit Money. If this receipt is lost or presented to us in term condition by the party, no payment will be made at any condition.
    1. Any amount of Security Deposit Money will be refunded just after 6 (six) months from the date of official letter for refund of security Deposit Money received from the party.
    2. Any amount of Security Deposit Money will be refunded on A/c. Payee Cheque only.
    3. Any dues lying with the party will be deducted at the time of refunding the Security Deposit Money.

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